CS 601 grounding

  • Hello,

    On my CS 601 grounding cable is connected to Canton cleaning "arm". Everything is fine, while turntable is connected to marantz onboard phono and marantz ground. When i connect turntable to rega fono a2d phono and its ground screw, i have unbelievable level of HUM. How to fix it?

  • Hello,

    can you verify with a second turntable if it is a problem with the 601 or the rega fono?

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  • Connect the grounding Cable of the 601 direct to the Rega without the Canton Arm.

    I think it will be working.

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  • Well, that is exactly what i want to do. But since cable is removed, i am not sure where should i re-solder it :(

  • Hello,

    if you are able to remove the Chassis (the Top) you can put a new cable on the Terminal
    of the Player

    One of the both Terminals in the front.
    It's a Picture of a 1249, but it's the same way.
    Excuse my bad engiish :D

    or use a Screw below of the chassis. There a all connected, have all the same ground!

    Liebe Grüße

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  • What kind of plug is build in (601)?

    Cinch (RCA) or the German DIN 5-Pol Plug?

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  • Ok,
    if the Pre Owner just switch the Plugs and not the Cable maybe he doesn't cut the ground bridge
    in the Player. Some Pre Phonoamps get Problems without a seperate cable.

    In the DIN Plug of the Dual Turntables the ground of the Turntable is affiliated on the ground of the Signal

    Try this, take a thin cable and put it on the Groundscrew of the Rega.
    And when you connect the RCAs from the 601 clamp/jam (dont no whats right) the thin cable on one of the RCA sockets.

    You know what i mean? :/

    My Schoolenglish is very terrible :D

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  • Cable is completely replaced. So i will just connect cable to back of the board and will see if it changes something or no :)

  • Maybe this could help

    and this

    Liebe Grüße

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  • SO...
    Today i opned turntable, checked all connections and MAGIC... grounding Marantz - Rega phono works like a charm! ;D

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