PE 2038 Issues

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    • PE 2038 Issues

      Hi all - Sorry for the post in English, but some other forums suggested I post about this here. I recently bought a PE 2038. It's in pretty good physical shape, but the automatic stop and start do not work. I've been fidgeting around with it for hours, but no luck. I've used deoxit and greased everything, so I do not think it's a problem of stuck grease. More seems like something's not catching properly.

      The manual start works decently well, but I also have to manually spin the record to get it to stop (I assume until it reaches the correct position underneath). It also looks like the ball bearing right underneath the spindle shaft might be partly broken off, and isn't turning the big cog plate underneath.

      Any help would be much appreciated! I didn't think converting the pictures to such a small size would do much help, so here are some pictures and a couple of videos to show what I'm talking about:

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    • Hi,

      I´ll try to do it in English (sorry about this :D :D :D ).
      Do you have dismanteled it in its individual parts? The biggest problem of the PEs is that the grease turns to a consistency of amber. So all of the hinges have to be dismanteled, cleaned an you have to grease it. All hinges have to be mobile an not like in "honey".

      Here you can find a how to: Wartungsanleitung PE20xx er Baureihe von Kai

      Sorry, it is only in German, but perhaps you are able to understand it by looking at the pictures or use google translater ;)

      I hope that it can help you a little bit ;)

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    • Hello ???

      Attention, that's a google translation!

      Please tell us your name, is common in the forum here. ;)

      When I look at your pictures, the mechanics are very similar to those of 2020.
      I am revising a PE 2020 and can only repeat what Kai said, all moving parts should be absolutely free and smooth running.

      But very important !!!
      Document the expansion with many detailed pictures.

      And also very important !!!
      Before you dismantle a part to which a spring is tuned, the spring must be dismantled!

      In the course of the day I take pictures of the mechanics and the "Steuerpimpel". This part is very important for the automatic process.

      You clan so it! :thumbup:
      Es grüßt,
      der Fritz :rolleyes: und der Paul :saint: ... ist gleich Martin :whistling:


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