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    621 seit 1978 im Betrieb, keine Fehler !
    604 seit 1979 im Betrieb: nach drei Jahr fehlerhafte Motorplatine, Platine durch Dualwerkstatt getauscht, heute Kondensator im
    Netzteil getauscht, Teller drehte sich nicht mehr. Alles nun wieder o.k.

    Diese Plattenspieler haben ziemliche Systeme in ihrer Tonaerme gehabt.
    Erstmals natuerlich die
    sStandard mitgelierferten Dual Systeme. Aber nicht lange danach: Stanton 681-EEE, Stanton 881-S, Pickering XV-15, ADC-XLM. Und jetzt noch immer Goldring 900-IGC, Goldring 910-IGC (fuer Singles) Goldring 920-IGC (fuer recht abgenuetzte platten wofuer ich meine normale Systeme nicht benutzen wolle) Diese Systeme haben vandenHul Nadelgeometrie und sind meiner Meinung nach das beste wass Goldring je hergestellt hat. I'm 604 jetzt Pickering XSV-4000 und im 621 Goldring 900-IGC. Diese letzte ist mit einer sehr hochbewegliche Cantilever ausgestattet und kann deshalb NUR in einer meine Dual Plattenspieler benuetzt werden. Meine Pioneer Pl-510 kan garnichts damit anfangen. Gr.



    This is my first message here.

    I'm a Dual fan since 1978, and I still own my first 621, bought in 1978. Not long after, the 621 became a new mate, in the form of a 604, which always has been quite a troublesome unit. And, again, it seized functioning, but this board will help out, no doubt!
    This is a very interesting message board, and I will be here quite often from now on.

    I too once was interested in a Technics 1210. But I decided not to buy one. Because I've tried several cartridges in the 1210's tone arm and ALL sounded worse than in my 621's tone arm. Because the 1210's arm is quite heavy, it is simply not capable to handle cartridges that have high comliant cantilevers. As a consequence, warped, or records that have very little "bumps", specially at the edge, can't be played without wobbling and shaking of the tone arm. Simply because the 1210's tone arm is not designed for high compliant cartridges. However, the 1210 wasn't designed to function as a normal record player. It is a tool for the dj. What's more, one won't need many of the other features, like reverse rotation and so on. So why spending €500 or more for a machine that undoubtedly is going to disappoint you in certain fields?
    Yes, it is a sturdy tool, but is that what you are looking for, or do you need it? If so, go for it, it will last, no doubt. If not, stick to what you got or get a Dual. Available for far less then what a new 1210 will cost you.