• Hi I am from Scotland and have just joined your forum excuse me for not speaking the native language.

    I. have just picked up a PE34 and the pin which supports the idler mech had come away, can anyone tell me the best solution to attach this piece, I have some araldite arriving today

    but not sure if this will work.

    best regards Stuart

    I had tried normal superglue but it did not hold, has anyone came across this problem before?


  • Hi Stuart !

    Welcome to the hoarders and hunters of antique record players ... :)

    I had tried normal superglue but it did not hold, has anyone came across this problem before?

    Well - Superglue largely depends on cohesive powers and small gaps to fill and harden. That will most likely not work on these stamped fixings, which are pretty rough - particularly when they came apart.

    I don't know the PE34 myself *that* good - I had one once for a transfer and checkup phase but it left the house for its original owner pretty fast. Generally there is a chance of using "cold metal" like Loctite 3463 - which is a two component gummy stuff that hardenes out like metal and can be treated as that later on when it came to final hardness. There should be room enough around the retaining spring to fix the guide pin inside the sheetmetal itself.

    Other than that: the pin itself is thick enough to get filed down at the bottom, drilled a bit, cut a winding and use a M2.5 or even M3 sink head screw to be fixed from the underside. This however will require to remove the whole speed set assembly - and of course a good drill stand with a non-wobbly drill. M3 requires a 2.3mm core hole and usual screws (with Torx) have a 6mm cone head, which might suffice to properly set the pin again. It would be good to have a model railway or model RC-car fan in the neighborhood ... they*do* these tricks on a regular basis.


    Peter aus dem Lipperland

    Solo mio, vendro unscrupuloso, custombres sansaclu.

  • Hi thanks for your advice I have replaced the pin with a screw and sleeve to hold the mech in place for a short time fix and it has been playing great at 33.3 all day,I will try and bond the pin tomorrow with some araldite.

  • I have tried areldite but it did not bond so will go to a machine shop and try and get a copy .I have stuck with the screw and added another sleeve so it it rock solid in the 33 position and plays well.

    Can anyone tell me how to grease lubricate the motor it is fairly silent but when I use the speed control it makes a ringing sound.cheers

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