Few problems with Elac 750II turntable

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    • Few problems with Elac 750II turntable

      Hi all
      I am new member here from India. I recently bought this turntable from eBay Germany. The condition is almost mint. I am facing two issues.
      1. Buzz from motor. Whenever I press start button, buzz starts. I cant hear it from speakers, but only from motor. I am using the TT with dust cover closed while playing. this helps to reduce noise coming from motor. What could be the issue?
      2. I am not able to align the cartridge to the point provided on TT. Cart is not sliding inside headshell. It's fixed and the screw does nothing.

    • Hello Sachin,
      1. if not already done:
      at first, take off the platter, turn on the turntable, and put the wheel a bit away from the Spindle of the Motor. Now you can hear, if the buzz is from the Motor or, if you put the wheel against the Spindle again, if it's the wheel.
      2. sometimes the plastic srew thread of this headshells are broken. This is not repairable. So the Screw in the front ist out of order. Put a drip of oil (only a drip) on the slider and slide it manually carefully in both directions. If the srewthread isn't broken, same wit a drip oil on the slider, wait a time and carefully srew the srew in both directions.
      sorry, my english is unfortunatly not that good.
      Gruß Andreas
    • Hi Sachin, thats good news.
      If the motor itselfs does the loud buzz, you have to overhaul it. Dismantle in pieces, clean it, clean and oil the bearings and put it together again. I'd never overhaul this kind of motor, so I can't give you further tips. Perhaps some of the others here have some more tips.
      Gruß Andreas