Please Help me get this Elac Miracord 750 II up and running

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    • Please Help me get this Elac Miracord 750 II up and running

      So sorry for writing in English, I'm writing from the US and unfortunately don't speak German. I picked up this beauty on Ebay, and she is gorgeous! Someone really took care or just had this stored really well for 40 years. I can't find a scratch or a ding anywhere. Even the foam inside the springs is perfect.

      [Blockierte Grafik:]

      Unfortunately, there's some problems with the mechanics. The motor runs and is quiet. I'm following a tutorial to re-grease the bearings and will clean and lube / oil the linkage while I'm in there. I still think aside from that there's something else wrong. When I rotate the spindle, I could feel an obvious grating at one point in the rotation, and I can't imagine the bearings having such an impact.

      I suspect (but don't have a reference) that there might be a problem with the linkage:

      [Blockierte Grafik:]

      Armature wire (A) isn't connected and just sits on top of spindle locking lever (B). During my initial tests as I rotated the spindle clockwise by hand, I noticed the B would contact a detent in the spindle and would seem to lock it. I didn't apply much force. Should A be connected to B in some way other than to sit on top of it?

      Also, looking at the underside, there is a large metal gear that with moderate force applied will not turn. I'm assuming it should, but I'm not familiar enough with the mechanics to know if they need to be in some "state" before that can happen. If you understand how this should work or rotate please advise.

      [Blockierte Grafik:]

      Here's the pic of the large metal gear that won't turn with moderate force applied. Do I need to remove the brackets and linkage and apply lube to free it, or is there some mech. configuration that needs to be engaged for it to turn?

      I'll post more pics as I progress.

      Lastly, I really appreciate any help, feedback or opinions you can lend.
    • Hi Anthony,

      i'll try it in English.
      Welcome here and congratulations to this nice Elac. It has a nice name, too. ;)

      To the spring A: Please try to connect it's short lever in the hole. The long lever should be on the other side of part B, but I am not shure of this! Maybe when I'm at home, I can take a look under the platter of my 50H, if this mechanic can there be found, too. Or you try a picture search of the Elac 750, 770, 50 or 50HII for example.

      To the large metal gear:
      This needs a lot of force to be turned by hand. It is only driven by the platter while the automatic functions are in process. When turning the platter by hand, this should go much more easy. Otherwise there is something stacked.

      I am shure that some places in the mechanics have to be cleaned and greased again.

      I hope that this all was understandible enough.

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    • Hi,

      I don't really know, what the lever or wire "A" is for. Maybe there's someone else here who can explain it.
      I had several Miracords in the past on which that lever was missing but they still worked flawlessly.

      The position of that lever "A" on your Miracord is correct, it doesn't need to be connected to anything. Miracords that have this lever should look like this:

      As stated by Benjamin the cam wheel needs more than just moderate force to be turned by hand. What's exactly the problem with the Elac, does it work?
    • Thank you Benjamin and Johnny. It does have a great name :) That photo is useful as well. The problem is that the table would stop spinning as soon as any of the mechanics were engaged. This was because the main cam gear was frozen from old grease. I've since heated it up with a heat gun, removed it, cleaned the shaft and re-greased it. It's getting better!

      The problem I have now is I discovered this unconnected lever under the main cam gear:

      [Blockierte Grafik:]

      Note that this picture has the cam gear removed, and under it I found the lever that the red arrow points to. Any idea where it goes? A pic showing this lever would be super helpful.

      Thanks again, I do feel like I'm getting there!

      Kindly ..
    • Got it, seems someone in its past had bent the play arm into a U shape, for some unknown reason !#?!#?!#@? I've discovered through my time with this TT that there where some attempted "repairs". After straightening and re-attaching the play arm, and re-wiring the connections between tone-arm, mute switch and RCA jacks, it plays and functions normally! Thanks to everyone who helped me, what a great community.